Top Middle Ages Movies & TV Series for Pure Entertainment

Stories and tales set in the medieval-themed worlds are always full of wonder and mystery, and that is because the environment lends itself well the romanticized concepts of knightly honor and long lost magic. This was a time of myth of legend, when heroes rose up to defend their people and their kingdoms. This is why a lot of fantasy stories are set in this wonderful era. And for all of you fantasy fans, we have put together some of the best films and TV shows into a single list of amazing things you should not miss out on.

While some medieval history buffs maybe looking for historically pinpoint accurate films and series based on these times, this list comprises the most entertaining of movies and tv shows and isn’t focused on accuracy and education.

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Horrible Histories Vicious Vikings Book Review


Discover all the foul facts about the Vicious Vikings the truth and nothing but the truth with all the gory details left in!

Viking Invaders

We are eased in to the book gently at first with amusing adverts as to why a young Viking would want to sign up for the adventure of invading Britain. Another amusing section is the Think Like a Viking chapter where Viking poems and sayings make a lot of sense. For instance, “Do not laugh at the old and grey, there may be wise things they have to say”. Then we continue to learn about Viking Gods and myths such as tales of dwarves and elves or of evil giants.

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Horrible Histories Stormin Normans Book Review


Would you like to read how the Norman knights slept with dollies? Why is this you may ask? The answer to this and more is featured in Horrible Histories Stormin Normans where kids can read in grisly detail about the Norman Conquests and the Crusades. With foul facts and gruesome jokes the kids will be engrossed from start to finish while learning about this important historical era.

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Horrible Histories Smashing Saxons Book Review

Read all the foul facts of how the Saxons went from ruthless invaders and rulers to peasants under Norman rule in Horrible Histories Smashing Saxons.

Laughs and Gore in Abundance

The first good chortle in Smashing Saxons is the diary of Vortigern or at least what the Horrible Histories writers imagined Vortigern would have written to describe how he capitulated to the Saxons. We like the way the writers turn facts into amusing anecdotes in this way and the kids enjoyed it too!

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Horrible Histories Slimy Stuarts Book Review

Get ready for another gruesome trip through history! Slimy Stuarts covers from the death of Elizabeth I in 1603 through to 1714 when the last of the Stuarts passed away. It’s a great way for children to learn what life was like during the reign of the Stuarts warts and all with all the slimy facts presented in all their gory detail.

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Horrible Histories Terrible Tudors Book Review

horrible-histories-terrible-tudors-book Were the Tudors really terrible? This Horrible Histories edition tells us all the nasty facts regarding the Tudors rather than offering just the nice bits about this regal dynasty that some books and movies do. Take a truthful trip through Tudor life to see if you think you would have liked to live under these gruesome kings and queens.

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Horrible Histories Wicked Words Book Review: Murky Medieval Jokes Await You!

Have you ever wondered where certain words or sayings come from? Horrible Histories Wicked Words Book has all the answers you are looking for! It is packed full of explanations as to the origins of the English Language over the centuries along with foul facts, lots of gore and more!

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Johnny Armstrong: The Most Famous of the Scottish Border Reivers

The Border Reivers lived fought and raided within a few miles of either side of the border between Scotland and England in the Middle Ages. These fighting gangs were revered and spent most of their time thieving and raiding farms and villages along the border. One of the most famous men of the Scottish gangs was a man named Johnny Armstrong. So, who was this man and what was his story?

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