Saga’s Dark Ages Miniatures Skirmish Review

There’s a certain charm about Saga’s playing surface, a 4 x 3 game board designed with said dimensions in order to fit perfectly on the kitchen table of the game’s creator, Alexandre Buchel. Saga is a warfare miniatures rule set that resulted from a joint venture between Gripping Beast and Studio Tomahawk. Though it was published back in 2011, it remains even today one of the best warfare board games set in the Dark Ages.

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Armati Medieval Wargaming Rules Review

Simple, effective, and clearly written: these descriptions could refer to any one of the most popular wargaming miniatures board game rules. No one game can claim to be so fitting of this description however, than the Ancient-Medieval-Renaissance rule-set masterpiece that is Armati. Its first edition is still to this day one of the most concisely written and well-presented rule sets on the market. As those who have played Armati will know, its rules are set up to reward those who put time and effort into their initial deployment forces, with punishment for those who shirk such responsibilities early in the game. This sort of tactical realism is typical of Armati and shines through in most aspects of its rule set.

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